What is design?

Design is a method to conceptualise what is both beautiful, practical, comfortable, possible and profitable.

The design is a method usually included in the process of research and development (R & D) . This is the design of products, services, systems, taking into account aesthetic, functional, ergonomic, technical and economic. The user experience with the product, service or system is the main concern of the designer.

Other definitions of design:

Discipline for harmonizing the human environment, from the design of everyday objects to the development of sites.
Petit Larousse, before 1989

Discipline for the creation of objects, environments, graphic works, etc.. Both functional and aesthetic requirements and conform to industrial production.
Dictionary, since 1989

Anglicism. Industrial design applied to the search for new forms adapted to their function (for utilitarian objects, furniture, housing in general).
« The design (…) must be the combination of an aesthetic idea of ​​the creator of an industrial reality, a distribution network and tastes of customers. « (Le Monde, 12.6.1971)
Adj. From a modern and functional aesthetics. Furniture design.
Webster’s dictionary of the French language

« The design has the advantage of serving both purpose and design. Indicates the specific purpose of the industrial object which is that everything is decided in the beginning, at the time of the project, while in the old object made by hand, the project differed running. And drawing out that, in the project, the designer is not concerned with the workings pure engineering business, but only to the provision and shape of bodies in space and time, c that is to say the configuration. « 
Encyclopedia Universalis 1990

« Design is a creative activity whose aim is to determine the formal qualities of objects produced industrially. For formal quality, we must not only hear the external qualities, but especially the structural and functional relationships that make the object a cohesive unit. «  
Thomas Maldonado, ICSID, International Council of Industrial Design



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